When it comes to family law, whatever your circumstances it is important to get the right advice, help and support. This ensures the best possible outcome for your situation in addition to helping you plan correctly for the future.

Our team are experts in all areas of family law and have extensive experience serving clients nationally. Having expertise in all areas of family law is important as issues and cases often involve considerable overlap between the various areas.

Using a family law solicitor in Blackburn with experience of all aspects of the law means you get informed advice from a solicitor who is looking at your case and circumstances holistically.


Areas we specialise in include:


Divorce (Petitioner and Respondent)

Making a decision to pursue divorce proceedings often adds to the frustration of an already challenged relationship.

To be eligible for a divorce in the UK you must have been married for 12 months.

The divorce process takes approximately 6 months however this can take longer if the other party does not co-operate, or if the other party lives outside of the UK. We will provide you with a timeline of when we can expect to conclude your matter, once we are made aware of all the details.

If you have received divorce proceedings from your spouse, we can advise what your options are in responding.


Islamic Divorce and Khula

A Khula is where a female can divorce her husband in respect of their Nikah. This may be required if a male, for whatever reason, is refusing to give his wife an Islamic divorce. A Khula can be granted for any Nikah whether this has taken place in the UK or any other country.

This process takes place through the Islamic Shariah Council and it should be noted that in most cases they will make some effort to attempt to reconcile the parties. Where these attempts are unsuccessful, they will grant a Khula.


Child Arrangement Orders

After the separation of two parties, child arrangement matters are often very tense. As long as there are no safeguarding concerns, it is always advised that children should spend time with both parents.

We will always attempt to resolve matters by negotiations and agreements outside of Court, as this is a much quicker process, less costly, and of course in the best interest of the child/ren.

If one parent is denying the other parent contact with the child/ren, for no apparent reason, we would advise that an application is made to the Family Court for a Child Arrangements Order, allowing that parent to spend time with their child/ren.


Private Adoption

To adopt a child in the UK, you must be over the age of 21 and have the space in your home. You do not have to be employed to adopt a child. You do not have to have your own children to adopt a child. You can adopt a child no matter what your religion or ethnicity is.

We can offer advise and assistance to those who are considering adopting a child. We can also assist where a family has made a decision to adopt, and requires help with the legal process. We can also advise where the person being adopted is a family member, or step-child.


Matrimonial Finances

A financial settlement is the separation of the matrimonial finances after or during a divorce. We would always advise that a financial settlement is agreed by the parties amicably. This can become tricky if parties are not honest and truthful about their assets, and in this event court proceedings may be required

If you nor your ex-spouse have any assets, we still advise that a financial settlement is agreed. This is because without it, you will both retain the ability to claim from the other, at any point in the future.


Non Molestation Order (Applicant and Respondent)

A Non-Molestation Order can be granted by the Courts when a person is required to be kept safe from harm from an ex-partner, family member or carer. All abuse or domestic violence should be reported to the police however in certain circumstances a Non-Molestation Order can also help. This can place restrictions upon the alleged preparator such as not contacting the victim or being within a certain distance of the victim’s home or work place.

If you have a Non-Molestation Order made against you and wish to defend it then we can advise you of your options.

We understand that dealing with any of the above matters can be a terrifying and worrying time for our clients. We therefore take an empathetic approach and ensure our clients feel heard. We offer simple and straightforward advise in order to make this difficult time as easy as possible for our clients. We will ensure that you are provided with clear options and support you entirely throughout the process.

We offer a free initial 30-minute consultation where you can meet a member of our team for a face to face chat. We will ask you to explain your circumstances and advise you of your legal position and your options. We can then agree what steps we will take on your behalf and advise you of our fees.

We offer fixed fees as well as tailored quotes dependent on your circumstances. We are able to agree a monthly payment plan whether you are paying a fixed fee or an hourly rate, again to keep our clients best interests at mind.

We will keep in contact with you regularly throughout the course of your matter to provide updates and always be on hand for any queries you may have.


Please see our table of fees below:

Divorce – Petitioner


Divorce – Respondent

£450 + VAT


£200 + VAT

£550 Court Fee





Financial Relief Application


Consent Order (agreed by parties)

£800 – £3000 + VAT


£300 + VAT

£255 Court Fee


£50 Court Fee




Adoption Application


Non-Molestation Order – Respondent

£900 + VAT


£900 + VAT

£170 Court Fee





Child Arrangements Order


Prohibited Steps Order

£800 – £3000 + VAT


£800 – £3000 + VAT

£255 Court Fee


£255 Court Fee




Specific Issue Order


Clean Break Consent Order (no assets)

£800 – £3000 + VAT


£200 + VAT

£255 Court Fee


£50 Court Fee




Consent Order (negotiations through Solicitors)


Initial Advice Consultation (30 mins)

£650 + VAT



£50 Court Fee


  • Fees may vary depending on the matter.