Lasting Power Of Attorney


The time may come in your life when you are unable to manage your estate and require someone who can handle your assets on your behalf.  Whether it is due to old age, illness, injury or anything, you need to appoint someone whom you can trust and is capable of managing your estate or assets.

In such a situation, creating a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) provides you peace of mind when you require it the most. Here, legal authority is provided to an attorney to make the right decision on your behalf, ensuring that your financial matters and personal well-being are in the safe hands.

LPA is considered as one of the important parts of estate planning and ensures your wishes are carried out correctly and safely. It is a legal document that allows one or more person of your choice to make decisions on your behalf whenever necessary. These trusted persons will act as legally appointed attorneys and have the right to use the documents to take care of your financial affairs, health and welfare.

LPAs are used in two ways

LPA for Property and Financial Affairs

These legal documents allow attorneys to take decisions related to your bank accounts, bills, estate, and other financial matters.

LPA for Health and Welfare 

These legal documents are used to give legal authority to attorneys to take decisions related to medical care and life saving treatments.

The creation of Lasting Power of Attorneys in advance is the best decision for the future, where your financial affairs are set up in a way you want without any worry of misusing of your assets when you are ill or injured and unable to make decisions for yourself.


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